Bridesmaid Swarovski Bracelet

You & Your Wedding


You and Your Wedding present this gorgeous limited edition bracelet, perfect as a gift for your Bridesmaid.

This delicate bracelet is made from 925 Sterling Silver with five breath-taking Swarovski crystals. Adjusted with the simple maneuver of the drawstring clasp this bracelet is ready to wear on any wrist.

Designed to be the perfect gift to your bridesmaid's, ask 'Will you be my bridesmaid?' by slipping this on her wrist because you can't simply say 'I do' without her.

Already prepared to ask your bridesmaid's the question, the bracelet comes placed around a card with the message:

'Will you be my bridesmaid?'

'I can't say 'I Do' without you!'

Along with a drawstring pouch to keep the bracelet safe, this bracelet is the perfect bridesmaid gift for any bride to give her bridesmaid-to-be!



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